Saint Gregory's College, Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria

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The Saint Gregory's College (Old Boys Uk) Website was created to necessitate the shortcomings of "Old Boys Network" based in the United Kingdom (UK).   Its aim is to bring together and direct all neccesary resources of the Network's members to develop a website for themselves to facilitate and accommodate direct links, with them and other ensuring 'Business Organisation' in the UK Market.  

Saint Gregory's College,Obalende, Lagos State, Nigeria is a Secondary School, in Africa
Members Background Information
Saint Gregory's College, Lagos State, Nigeria has produces and still is producing one of the finest students in and amongst the best of the working force in the World 'Developed' and 'Developing' Markets.

In the European Market, where this website is located, far more than a few, now work in the "City of London" 'Corprate market' in Position ranging from Director's of fairly large Banks (The World's Largest) to team members in the Information Technology Market.

Saint Gregory's College,Obalende, Lagos State, Nigeria is a Secondary School, in Africa

Saint Gregory's College is Located in Nigeria to be persist in the West Coast of Africa and in the S/W area of Nigeria, Africa.

Lagos State as it is officially called, was formerly the capital of Nigeria until the changes made in the late 80's (The New Capital is now Abuja). its exact location in Lagos State, Nigeria could said to be, in-between Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lagos Island in an area called "Obalende".

"Obalende" is well known for its local eating joints called, "Bukas" or its local "Suwa joints" (A local meat, chicken barbecue dish prepared by a group of northerner residing in the area. The Hausa's and Fulani's).

Ex-Gregorians would have fun memories of eating local dishes especially at a 'Buka' called "Mama Put". The name was derived when pupil's always ask the lady owner to put extra portions of food items to their already serve-out dishes.

Saint Gregory's College,Obalende, Lagos State is a Secondary School, in Africa

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